Ways to Relieve Tax Stress

Monday, April 15 at 09:40 AM
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Did you wait until the last minute to file your taxes this year? Did you file an extension to procrastinate the yearly battle? Did you file early but stress out when you realized you didn’t get as much back as you wanted or worse, you owe more than you expected? Filing taxes can be stressful for many people.

Here are some tips to help relieve stress:

  • Take Time to Meditate – Meditation allows you to take a break, relax, breathe deeply and clear your mind. Make time for it! A recent study in the journal of Health Psychology shows meditation decreased levels of cortisol, a stress hormone. Check out additional benefits of meditation here.*
  • Exercise – You know by now being active is part of a healthy lifestyle, but did you know it can relieve stress too? A good workout releases endorphins which trigger a positive feeling often referred to as “runner’s high.” This is your body’s natural response to help you have a positive perspective on the perceived stresses in your life. Read more about how exercise can help relieve stress here.*
  • Eat Healthy – Overeating and eating junk food is often a way people negatively cope with stress which is why it’s important to pay attention to your eating habits when you’re in tense situations. If you can establish good eating habits when you’re not stressed, then you can fall back on those good habits when the bills start stacking up. Here* are three more tips for healthy eating when stressed.
  • Say Cheese! – Smiling actually triggers activity in the brain and can make you happy, even when you’re not. Here* are seven things to smile about.
  • Get Some Sun – Natural sun exposure lets your body produce vitamin D, an essential nutrient to your health. Also, sun exposure increases a person’s serotonin levels which impact a person’s mood. Read more about how sunlight relieves stress here.*

Life can be stressful whether it’s from filing taxes or dealing with the challenges of everyday life. Don’t forget to tackle your stress in healthy ways.

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